How to Make an Appointment at SARS: 2024 Guide

How to Make an Appointment at SARS: 2024 Guide

How to Make an Appointment at SARS: 2024 Guide.

Making an appointment at SARS in 2024 is a straightforward process for registered taxpayers. If you need to visit SARS for any tax-related issues or queries and are already registered for tax, there are three primary ways to secure your appointment. This guide provides a comprehensive overview of each method, including options for special circumstances like temporary pop-up branches and Mobile Tax Units (MTU’s).

Options for Making an Appointment

  • Call the SARS Contact Centre: Dial 0800 00 7277 and select option 0 to speak with a SARS official who will assist you in booking the appointment.
    • Example: If you need to discuss your personal income tax or need clarification on a tax matter.
  • Send an SMS: Text 47277 (iSARS) with the format: Booking (Space) ID number/Passport number/Asylum Seeker number. This option is exclusively for Personal Income Tax (PIT) registered taxpayers/registered representatives and not available to tax practitioners.
    • Example: If you are a registered individual taxpayer needing to book an appointment without internet access.
  • Online Form: Use the online booking form by following the link provided on the SARS website to ‘Click here to open the booking form in a new window’.
    • Example: For a convenient online booking process when you have internet access.

Special Circumstances: Temporary Pop-Up Branches and MTU’s

  • Walk-In Appointments: These are available at temporary locations depending on demand, like shopping malls, for a specified duration.
    • Example: If you are near a temporary location and need immediate tax assistance without a prior online booking.

Important Considerations When Making an Appointment

  • Taxpayer Status and Identification: Ensure you indicate your booking role (Individual, Representative, Tax Practitioner, SMME) and use correct identification numbers. Foreign nationals may use their passport/permit numbers.
    • Example: A South African citizen must use their ID number, whereas a non-South African can use a foreign passport number.
  • Contact Information and Booking Details: Provide a valid cell phone number or email address, choose your date (not more than 60 days in advance), and remember, only one time slot can be selected.
    • Example: Scheduling an appointment for tax return assistance, ensuring to provide all necessary personal details as registered with SARS.
  • Confirmation and Preparation: Once confirmed, prepare for your appointment by submitting all relevant supporting documents electronically for video or telephonic engagements.
    • Example: Before your scheduled appointment, upload all required documents through the SARS Online Query System.

Cancellation and Technology Requirements

  • Cancellation Process: If you need to cancel, complete the requestor information on the eBooking system and use the ‘delete’ icon to cancel.
    • Example: If you cannot make the appointment time, ensure to cancel and reschedule as needed.
  • Browser Recommendations: For the best experience accessing the booking form, use recommended browsers such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, or Safari, avoiding Internet Explorer.
    • Example: Using Google Chrome for a smoother online booking form submission process.

This 2024 guide to making an appointment at SARS ensures that registered taxpayers are equipped with the necessary information and methods to schedule their visits efficiently, catering to a variety of needs and preferences.

For direct access to the booking form, please visit: SARS eBooking

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